Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ballooning!

Experience the magic of a Hot Air Balloon flight and let the world below drift away. Feel the exhilaration of morning-fresh country air or toast the sunset at days end. Freedom Flights offers these wondrous adventures in a traditional Hot Air Balloon Flight high above the beauty of Virginia. We schedule flights all year round (limited flights January thru April). It’s easy to book a flight, or arrange for a gift certificate. Just call us at (434) 851-3733. If you have a special day in mind, it’s best to book a couple of weeks in advance, otherwise we will give you the next available flight time which is convenient for you. If the weather doesn’t cooperate on your selected day an alternate time will be arranged. Our balloon can accommodate up to five people. (Singles and couples will be paired with others.) See the History behind this wonderful activity. Check out the History behind this exciting and relaxing experience.

Before each flight, you will receive a comprehensive safety briefing.If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding your safety, please give us a call. Safety Is Our First and Foremost Priority Ballooning is dependant upon favorable weather conditions. Therefore, if conditions are not favorable for a safe flight , the pilot may reschedule or cancel the flight. Freedom Flights is proud to have only the most experienced pilots and crew. All of our pilots are FAA certified and have a perfect safety record. In addition, each pilot has a Biennial flight reviews and a safety seminar. Also, all of our equipment is inspected and Approved through FAA required Inspection Facility annually. WARNING. Ballooning, like most outdoor activities, involves a certain amount of risk. Bumpy landings are not uncommon. Please discuss age, injuries, disabilities with us before you fly, Ballooning is always weather and safety permitting.


  • All balloons are FAA certified Standard Airworthy.
  • All pilots are experienced and commercially certified to carry passengers by the Federal Aviation Administration.

We are Located in Lynchburg, Va. and Our Balloons travel within a 30 mile homebase.

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