Freedom Flights Ballooning has many options for both business and individuals.

The beauty of a hot air balloon up close or in the air will thrill people of all ages.

It is by far one of the most unique and unusual forms of advertising available.

Listed Below are a few of our options:

Tethers & Promotions

Balloon Glow

Banner Flying

Wedding,Engagement and Private Flights

Group Rates

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There is no better way than a tether to attract attention to an event. A tether also leaves an everlasting impression on your guest at the same time. At your special event, picnic, Grand Opening, Wedding etc… everyone there can share in this memorable experience. Your guests will be astonished at the beauty of the Hot Air Balloon. Also your guests of all ages will be thrilled at the opportunity to take a short ride in this beautiful balloon. At your special event , the balloon will be tethered to the ground. This enables us to take your guests on short rides up to 7 5ft. We are equipped to handle a as many as 60 to 80 guests per hour ! Please call us today to discuss prices and other tether options.

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Balloon Glow:

A Balloon glow is a very poplar attraction. Whether you are a big company and want to look big or if you are a small company and want to look big. This is the perfect idea. The Balloon lights up like a giant light bulb, 90 ft tall. Your company logo and design, alluminated for all to see! Contact us for further info.

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Banner Flying:

Imagine your Company name on a 75ft tall Flying Billboard.
Your Company Name and Logo will be seen by every eye that looks to the sky.
With your name & logo on the balloon, it becomes your very own flying Billboard that
can’t be missed. CONTRACTS: A contract allows you to advertise on a regular basis
in your market area. Your contract can include several different options, please give
us a call at (434) 851-3733 today for more details on ALL our advertising programs.

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Weddings, Engagements

For that special-day, imagine your own Private Balloon charter.

With just you and the pilot in the Balloon, enables you to personalize your own ride.

All flights are and will remain exclusive and private forever.

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Group Rates:

We have special Rates for parties of 8 or more.

We also have many different flight options for larger parties.

Please call us for more details.

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